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A.I.M. Information

Posted Date: 02/08/2023

A.I.M. Information

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A.I.M., standing for Achievement through Intrinsic Motivation, is a program that was started last year to reward students for hard work in the classroom.  If they meet the criteria that includes improving their grades, proper goal setting, and high achievement, students are rewarded each progress report with a small prize, ranging from group games to a waffle bar breakfast. Students who can show self-improvement throughout the entire nine weeks get rewarded with a fun day out of school. Students so far have been served lunch ranging from pizzas to grilled hamburgers and have competed in a field day, a day at Hijinx trampoline park, and a scavenger hunt at Angelina College. More rewards and prizes are coming throughout the year.

Every high school student is eligible to participate and receive the rewards. There is zero cost to the students, they just have to put in the work. Students simply need to check with their homeroom (3rd period) teacher to get the proper forms and make sure they keep their goal portfolio up to date. Each time so far, A.I.M. has rewarded nearly half the population of the high school.