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Cross Country

Boys CC


The district meet was October 24th  in Central and the kids were amazing!! We had 2 individual champions, Josephine Mayes and Jaziel Reyes! The boys were district champions. The girls were runner ups -coming in 2nd by 2 points!

Boys                                        Girls
Jaziel Reyes 1st                Josephine Mayes 1st
Christian Shaw 8th            Jessica Hill 4th
Nate Walker 9th                 Leanne Burke 5th
Jacob Pérez 10th.              Halle Harrison 15th
Levi Feest-here 17th          Laycee Chesire 21st
Diego Concha 19th            Jamye Peden 25th
Landon Lee 23rd                Madison Hamilton 35th Girls CC
Case Sanderson 29th
David Smith 30th
J.P Alvarez 35th
Ethan Halls 36th

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